Can we have more women in Tech

‘More female-led tech companies would change the way women are treated in society’

Brief highlights from Tech women

Have you ever wondered why the Java programming language is called Java? Well the term 'Java' refers to a cup of coffee

Jessica Naziri, founder of

As a woman in tech, I am already swimming upstream when it comes to respect in the field. Whether I’m on a panel with only men, writing an email, or being featured in a news spot, I don’t want to be known as “the female founder of” – I just want to be the founder.

Anne-Marie Imafidon, co-founder of Stemettes

If we had more women in the tech world, we would have more products that actually solved problems for everyone. When you have different types of people on medical trials, either on the funding side or doing the research, it means research is less biased. So, for example, I believe that if men had periods we’d have a lot more advancement in sanitary towels, tampons and pain relief technology.

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